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Announcement, 12 October 2023 – updated on 1 May 2024

EPFL condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians, as well as all acts contrary to international humanitarian law. The President of EPFL and the School’s management express their compassion for all those affected by the situation, particularly among the Israeli and Palestinian people. They encourage the EPFL community to avoid political escalation and to contribute to calming tensions and to promoting a peaceful outcome. The EPFL management supports its community in organizing any non-political and non-religious demonstration in favor of peace.

Whether you’re a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD student, or a staff member, we provide various forms of support for situations such as this. Please make the most of them.

If your situation is urgent, please reach out directly to Kathryn Hess Bellwald, associate VP for student affairs and outreach.

For Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students

We’d like to remind you of our various counseling services, which can help you with cope this stressful situation.

Students can benefit from financial support. More information on our Need-based scholarships page.

For staff members and PhD students

We encourage you to contact your supervisor and/or HR manager to find out what sort of support and special arrangements are possible during this period.

And for all students and staff members, EPFL’s the Trust and Support Network is another helpful source of support: https://trust-point.epfl.ch/en/.

Students and staff should also feel free to call on EPFL’s spiritual care service for support.

To better understand what help is needed, we would like to give you the opportunity to inform us about your concerns and the problems that you face currently, which you can do via the online form. Please feel welcome to share any other requests, questions, or suggestions you may have.

Travel ban on Israel and Lebanon

Following an in-depth risk assessment in collaboration with our partner, International SOS, and in line with the latest advice from the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAE), EPFL’s Direction has decided to prohibit all travel to Israel and Lebanon, taking effect immediately and until further noticeMore information